Sixth Formers' Perspectives

"I realise now, more than ever, that every ‘normal’ day I spent at CLC was something special [...] My one piece of advice would be to take advantage of every single day at school; it doesn’t matter whether that is setting up a new society, taking up fencing or singing the hymn at full blast – make it count.Flora, Senior Prefect - Class of 2020

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Thoughts from other Sixth Form pupils: 

"I’ve found that the lessons become more discursive in the Sixth Form and the teachers are more willing to allow independence and debate in the classroom."


"Whenever I've had a question, whether about universities, or just a question to do with my studies, there has always been someone there to help me, and a teacher who is very willing to give up their time for me. I honestly don't think I would have been so successful on my university offers, had it not been for all of the teachers who helped me through."


"Cheltenham is a lovely town to live in. It’s so clean and safe, with everything you could need in a town. To go to school in a town gives you more of a sense of freedom than in a countryside school, and sometimes it's nice to just wander round, to get a change of scene."


"As a new girl in SFC, I can't compare life in house to that of the junior houses, but I found settling in very easy, as everyone was so friendly, and willing to make new friends."