12+ entry

A small number of girls join College at 12+ (Year 8 / LC2), both as boarders and as day girls. We encourage you to contact the Admissions Department as early as possible if this is an option you are considering as the number of places available is low and can vary each year.


The first stage of our admissions process after an initial enquiry is registration. A Registration Form (either Standard or Bursary) should be completed and returned to the Admissions Department along with the appropriate fee and accompanying documents. This can be done any time from birth until the published deadline prior to entry (generally the Autumn Term a year in advance of the enrolment date).

We urge you to register as soon as you have decided College is an option for your daughter as this enables us to better keep in touch with you, invite you to events and inform you of key deadlines.


Pre-assessments are an optional part of the admissions process for girls who are registered and intending to enter College at 11+ or 12+. Available between February and October in the year prior to proposed entry, these assessments are designed to confirm whether your daughter is likely to pass our entrance exams and to thrive at College. It is a chance for us to get to know you and your daughter better and for her to be able to ask questions about any aspect of College that she is keen to know more about. 

Find out more about Pre-assessments

Entrance Examinations

Entry is by College’s own entrance examinations which are written and marked by our academic teaching staff. These entrance exams are taken in the January of the year of entry and your daughter can sit the papers at College, at her own school or with a private invigilator approved by College.

Applicants for LC2 (Year 8) will sit English, Mathematics and Verbal Reasoning (VR) papers. A careful assessment of a girl’s performance across all three papers along with consideration of the confidential reference from the Head Teacher of her current school are undertaken before places are offered.

If your daughter performs well in the entrance papers then you will receive written confirmation of an offer in early February.

Details about Academic, Art, Music and Sport Scholarships and Drama and Day Girl Awards can be found in our Scholarships section and information regarding means-tested bursaries can be found in the Beale Award section.

Useful Documents

Registration Form or Bursary (Beale Award) Registration Form

Entrance Booklet 2020

LC Entrance Examination Form 2020

Scholarship Forms can be found in the Scholarships section