13+ entry

Our 13+ (Year 9 / LC3) intake is approximately 45 girls and make a year group of around 125 (boarding and day). Girls joining at this stage become members of the Junior Houses and tutor groups, re-organised from Year 8, with new tutors who will stay with the girls until they move in to the Sixth Form, guiding them through their GCSE choices and examinations and helping to advise on senior school subject options.


The first stage of our admissions process, after an initial enquiry, is registration. A Registration Form should be completed and returned to the Admissions Department along with the appropriate fee and accompanying documents. This can be done any time from birth until the published deadline prior to entry (generally the Autumn Term a year in advance of the enrolment date) 

We urge you to register as soon as you have decided College is a likely option for your daughter as this enables us to better keep in touch with you, invite you to events and inform you of key deadlines.

For registration two years in advance of enrolment date, there are two routes of entry available to girls applying for 13+ entry (LC3): the Early Entry Route and the Standard 13+ Entry Route.


Under the Early Entry Route, girls are considered for a firm place at College via examination in January of their Year 7. Parents should consider that College will award approximately two-thirds of the total Year 9 places to girls who apply through this scheme.

Girls are required to sit College’s entrance papers in English, Mathematics and Verbal Reasoning, which are written and marked by our academic teaching staff. These are taken in early January (of Year 7) and girls then attend an assessment day at College approximately two weeks later (dates are published well in advance).

Early entry places will be awarded following strong performances in the entrance papers and during the assessment day, and upon receipt of a supportive confidential reference from the current school. College will release the results in mid-February.

Successful applicants who are awarded firm or conditional places are then able to apply for Scholarships the following January, prior to September entry. Details about Academic, Art, Music and Sport Scholarships and Drama and Day Girl Awards can be found in our Scholarships section. Candidates applying for a Beale Award (bursary) may opt for the Early Entry Route but no final decision regarding possible support will be finalised until March of the enrolment year. 

View key dates for the Early Entry Scheme


For families who have not followed the Early Entry Route for LC3 admission, we hold standard 13+ entrance examinations in the January of Year 8, for our remaining places. Girls applying via this route should attend College in the 12 months prior to the entrance exams to have an interview with a member of the College Assessment Team.

Papers in English, Mathematics, Verbal Reasoning, Science and a Modern Language Aptitude Test are taken either here at College, at the candidate’s current school or with an approved private invigilator.

The results of the examination papers and interview will be considered alongside a confidential reference from the Head of your daughter’s current school. Parents will receive written confirmation of the results in early February.

Successful candidates are also eligible for consideration for Scholarships. Details about Academic, Art, Music and Sport Scholarships and Drama and Day Girl Awards can be found in our Scholarships section

View key dates for the Standard Entry Scheme

Useful Documents

Registration Form

Entrance Booklet 2018 

LC Entrance Examination Form 2018 

LC3 Early Entry Examination Form 2018 

Scholarship Forms can be found in the Scholarships section