Key dates for entry

To join SFC1 (16+ / Year 12) in September 2020

Until November 2019
Interviews taking place for girls who wish to join Sixth Form in September 2020.

Summer Term 2019
Entrance exam and Scholarship information sent to parents and available on
the College website.

21st September 2019
Sixth Form Open Day held at College.

1st October 2019
Deadline to Register and enter your daughter for the entrance examinations.

4th and 5th November 2019
Entrance exams and interviews at College for girls applying for a Scholarship.

6th November 2019
Standard entrance exams held at College for candidates not applying for a

Week commencing 4th November 2019
Entrance exams held for girls who are not applying for a Scholarship, either
with a private invigilator or at their current school.

Examination results will be released by 1st December 2019.