LC1 Day / Boarding

Traditional terminology: 11+
College terminology: LC1
UK National Curriculum terminology: Year 7
Usual age range on enrolment: 10 years 8 months – 12 years 0 months

By joining College in LC1, your daughter will be one of around 45 boarders and 25 day girls who join College at our youngest stage. New girls come from all over the UK, from Europe and elsewhere in the world. 

Please do not be concerned at this point that you are undecided between day and boarding, as we will not ask you to confirm this until you submit your daughter's exam form about 11 months before entry. In the meantime, please come and visit to get to know us better, and complete and return a Registration Form as this will help us keep in touch with you regarding upcoming deadlines and events.

Below are key links on our website that you might find helpful:

11+ entry process
including registration and exam forms and key dates for entry

Day Girls at College  Boarders at College

Open Days

Scholarships and Bursaries


We'd be delighted to welcome you for a visit or give our Admissions Department a call on +44(0)1242 707070 for more information.