LC3 Boarders

Traditional terminology: 13+
College terminology: LC3
UK National Curriculum terminology: Year 9
Usual age range on enrolment: 12 years 8 months – 14 years 0 months

As a LC3 (13+ / Year 9) boarder, your daughter will be joining College at the same time as about 45 other girls, most of who will be boarders. She will join the boarding and day girls from our younger intakes to form a year group of about 120 girls.

At 13+, boarders join one of six junior boarding houses which are home to girls aged 11 - 16. Here your daughter will be one of approximately 60 - 65 girls, looked after by a dedicated pastoral House team led by a Housemistress who is ably supported by her Deputy. Junior Housemistresses are non-teaching to allow them to focus on the welfare and happiness of the girls in their houses but they make valuable contributions to both the Wellbeing programme at College and the assessment of candidates for entry.

For 2019, there are two routes to entry at 13+ and we encourage you to read the information on our 13+ entry page to determine which route is more suitable for your daughter. You will also find registration and exam forms and key dates for entry in this section. If you are in anyway unsure about the best route for entry, please do not hesitate to contact the Admissions Department. For 2020 entry and beyond, all applications will be dealt with via the “Early Entry” route.

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We'd be delighted to welcome you for a visit or please give our Admissions Department a call on +44(0)1242 707070 for more information.