'A Chronicle of College War Work' Archive Exhibition

Date: Monday 14th - Friday 25th May 2018

Time: Mondays - Fridays (10.00am - 3.00pm), Saturday 19th May - Guild Reunion (10.00am - 12.30pm), Sunday closed.

Location: Parabola Arts Centre

In 2018, as we mark the last year of the four-year WW1 centenary commemoration period, an exhibition has been produced to detail College's contribution to the war effort. It is part of a Heritage lottery funded project in conjunction with Cheltenham Borough Council and other prominent Cheltenham institutions who are staging events this year.

Our exhibition is timed to coincide with the 2018 Guild Reunion and a great deal of new research has been undertaken to provide as full a picture as possible of the work done at a local, national and international level by the CLC community. With the help of archive photographs, part of the exhibition recreates one of the St Martin’s hospital wards, which combined clinical efficiency with homely comforts. The CLC Archive holds photographs, letters and accounts by nurses, soldiers and girls, which describe the great care that was taken to nurse these patients back to health.

The exhibition is also a tribute to the toil and commitment of all the women who worked elsewhere, including three sisters from the Bowen-Davis family who, after leaving College, devoted their time to helping the war effort as VAD nurses in the South West.

The exhibition also focuses on the lasting effects the war had on female emancipation and the increased participation of women in the work place.