PGC Networking Dinner - Law and Public Service

Date: Friday 1st February 2019

Time: 5.45pm - 10.00pm

Location: Garden Common Room

The PGC is organising a Networking Dinner around 'Law and Public Service' on Friday 1st February. We would like to hear from anyone who has a Law degree, even if they are not practising Law now, or people who went into Law later on in their careers. We are also looking for people who are in the Civil Service, Armed Forces, Politics, Police or any other areas that serve the public.

The evening will start at 5.45pm, when guests will be able to meet each other and have a tour of College if they wish to do so. Girls will join us at 6.30pm for drinks, and a three course meal will be served at 7.00pm. This is a great opportunity for girls to meet and talk to a wide range of people who are willing to share their own experiences and shed some light on all aspects of these roles.

If you, or some you know, would be interested in attending, please contact Mrs Marieli Mooney via email at