Parents' Society

The Parents' Society has been in existence for more than a decade, organising events for parents, including lunches in Cheltenham, London and Hong Kong, together with regularly assisting in the organisation of a number of events throughout the College year.

It is run by a volunteer committee representing a cross-section of College parents. The principal aim of the Society has always been to welcome parents into the College community, to enable them to meet each other informally and to support College activities.

If you would like to find out more about the Parents' Society, please get in touch with Julia Wild, Chair of the Parents' Society Committee, at

Details of any upcoming Parents' Society events are listed on the College Calendar.

Parents' Society Committee Members:

  • Julia Wild - Chair (Cecelia SFC2 Beale, Phoebe UC5 Sidney Lodge)
  • Jonathan Dunley  (Sophie SFC2 Bayshill, Alexia UC4 Bellairs)
  • Kate Briant (Bella UC4 Glenlee, Hannah LC2 Glenlee)
  • Catherine Miller (Beatrice UC4 Glenlee)
  • Charlotte Seagrave (Jemima LC2 Glenlee)
  • Heather Lawrence (Heidi UC4 St Austin's)
  • Iris Ferchland-Howe (Kiera LC3 Glengar)
  • Jakob Lindquist (Stella UC4 St Helen's)
  • Jamie & Juliet McKelvie (Rose UC4 Glengar)
  • Joyce Liu (Clarice SFC1 Beale, Caroline UC4 Glenlee)
  • Lisina Fingerhuth Leung (Una UC5 St Margaret's, Bina UC4 Glenlee, Lulu LC1 Glenlee)
  • Nadia Zahmoul (Jade Mia LC2 Glengar)
  • Toyosi Akinfemiwa (Ife LC2 St Austin's)
  • Vivienne Nwalema (Nicole UC4 St Margaret's)

Details of Parents' Society Members 2017/2018 (secure link)

List of Parents' Society Year Group lunches 2017/18