Frequently Asked Questions


Who should I contact about an application I have submitted?
The HR Administration team can be contacted at or on +44(0)1242 707308. The HR Department is open from 8.00am to 5.00pm on Monday to Friday each week, throughout the year.

Who do I contact about any issues when completing the online application form?
Should you need any help whilst completing your application form, you can use the 'Live Chat' feature provided by Vacancy Filler, our on-line applicant management system provider. Alternatively you can email our provider on (please include the advert reference in the subject line). If you wish to speak to the technical support team, please call them +44(0)1509 236434. Assistance is available from 8.00am to 6.00pm, Monday to Friday.

When will I expect to hear about an application I have made?
The closing date and where possible the recruitment day are given in the advertisement or vacancy information. Shortlisting takes place as soon as possible after the closing date. Shortly after, contact will be made with those on the shortlist, usually by either phone or email.

What criteria does CLC use to determine suitability for a role?
All candidates are interviewed and assessed against the criteria set out in the job description and person specification, which can be found within the Vacancy Information Booklet for the role.

What should I expect when I attend for interview?
As a minimum you will be interviewed to assess your fit to the person specification for the role. Other assessment tasks or activities will very much depend upon the role that you have applied for – but you will be given full details of these before the interview date. We aim to provide an opportunity to you to understand as much about the role and working at College as possible and therefore relevant opportunities to meet with potential colleagues etc are often included in the timetable. 

You should also expect for us to undertake a 'safeguarding' interview, in order for us to be confident of your suitability to work with (or around) children. This applies to all roles at College.

What pre-employment checks are undertaken?
All employment offers are made subject to checks in line with the Independent Schools Inspectorate and National Minimum Boarding Standards legislation. These are as follows: clearance from the Disclosure and Barring Service; Overseas Police checks (if applicable); satisfactory Department for Education and Barred List checks (including prohibition from Teaching and Management, if applicable); evidence of the right to work in the UK; satisfactory references; medical clearance.

How long does it take for pre-employment checks to be completed?
This can vary but typically can take up to 6 weeks to complete these checks.

Can I start before the checks are completed?
We take compliance and child protection very seriously here at College and therefore, in most circumstances you will not be able to start with us until all checks are completed.



As a matron/housestaff member what is the typical expected work pattern?
Typically as a full-time member of the house staff you will work 53 hours per week for 35 weeks of the year on a varying shift pattern and will sleep in for 4 nights a week. Rotas allow for a full day and a half off duty each week as well as shorter periods each week. The rotas operate over 7 days a week and you will be expected to work an appropriate number of evening and weekend shifts. If you are employed on a part-time basis you will work a reduced pattern, typically with a pro-rata number of evening and weekend shifts. We welcome alternative working patterns where possible providing that the needs of the House and pupils are still met. 

As a Housemistress would I be required to have a teaching role along with the HM job?
The main focus of the role of Boarding Housemistress at College is on this Pastoral role, however some of our HMs do teach. It very much depends upon the house, the individual, their teaching subject and College needs in terms of their subject, so each situation is dealt with individually.

If I am not a trained teacher, would I be considered for the role of Housemistress?
It is not a requirement for Housemistresses to have a background in teaching and we welcome applications from those with any relevant qualifications and background.

As a member of Housestaff are there any development opportunities for me?
We offer support for CPD and relevant pastoral courses. We are keen to promote and develop our staff from within and several of our staff have progressed from a Housestaff role to that of Deputy Housemistress. Vacancies are advertised internally and, where we can, we aim to provide the opportunity for departmental promotions and additional responsibility.

How important is Pastoral Care within College?
College sees Pastoral Care as being of fundamental importance. It is so key to the wellbeing of the pupils that this is the single focus of each House and we have a dedicated team within each House to provide this to the highest standard.

Where are your Boarding Houses located?
Our Boarding Houses are located away from the main College campus and are all within a short walking distance of College. As such, they become a home-from-home for the pupils and have a real sense of community.