“Computer science is no more about computers than astronomy is about telescopes.”
E Dijkstra

Girls follow a programme that covers both digital literacy and computer science. In the latter, an emphasis is put on algorithmic or computational thinking.

As the quote implies, this is not limited to enabling girls to design and create code themselves, but also giving them the skills and understanding to solve problems in a wider context.

The digital literacy programme covers the risks and threats that the girls will face and the precautions that they need to take to operate safely in a digital world.

LC Programme

Girls are taught the fundamentals of digital literacy, communication over digital networks, programming constructs (sequencing, selection and iteration), binary representations of numbers, characters and images, Boolean logic and simple algorithms.

UC Programme

The OCR GCSE in Computer Science is followed.

SFC Programme

The OCR A Level in Computer Science is followed.


Head of Computing: Dr Alex Webb BSc MSc 

Mr Andy Fayter BA MSc
Mr James Pothecary MSci
Mr Tobias Davies BSc
Mr Graham Langley