“We learn from History that we do not learn from History.”
Georg Hegel

In December 1838 the most powerful Empire in history invaded Afghanistan to preserve its strategic interests; just over three years later a humiliating retreat culminated with a single survivor making it out of the country alive. In 1979 the largest army on earth invaded Afghanistan to preserve its strategic interests; slightly over ten years later it also withdrew having incurred huge financial and personnel losses. In October 2001…

We can be confident that Hegel's aphorism doesn’t refer to pupils at Cheltenham Ladies’ College. Girls study History not just for the wonderful stories it provides, but also for the skills that the discipline teaches. These skills are increasingly relevant in an information rich world.

Girls in LC1 and LC2 cover British History from the pre-Norman period to the Industrial Revolution with fascinating excursions into the European Reformation and the French Revolution. In LC3 the focus is on the making of the modern world with a look at the Russian Revolution, WW1, America in the 1920s and the Second World War. iGCSE, A-Level and IB Programmes are detailed below.

All year groups are taught by dedicated subject specialists and take up is very high, with over 200 girls taking GCSE and around 100 taking IB or A Level courses.

The department offers extensive co-curricular activities for girls to enrich their studies. These include the History and Politics societies, as well as a trips to destinations such as Berlin, Washington D.C. and the the Battlefields of World War I.

LC Programme

Girls study a range of topics, from British history to the Second World War.

UC Programme

The Cambridge IGCSE is followed.

SFC Programme

We offer the AQA A Level, as well as the IB Standard and Higher Level.


Head of History and Politics: Dr Bethan Coupland BA MA 

Miss Jennifer Bowden BA MSc
Miss Debbie Burston BA
Ms Elizabeth Gill BA
Miss Joanne Kilburn BA MA
Mr Tom Loughlin BA MA
Miss Sinead Lynch MA
Mr Jonathan Marchant BA MA
Dr Julia Parker
Ms Evonne Pasquill MA