Physical Education

“You are never really playing an opponent. You are playing yourself, your own highest standards, and when you reach your limits that is real joy.”
Arthur Ashe, Tennis player

Physical Education is compulsory for all year groups and plays a major part in the life of College. Pupils receive expert teaching and coaching in a wide variety of sports. Girls have the opportunity to develop and acquire individual skills and techniques before putting them into practice in competitive situations.

Co-ordination, physical fitness and psycho-motor competency are developed, along with tactics requiring intellect. Girls are encouraged to develop their confidence and unselfishness through working with others, and good team work and a sense of fair play is instilled by teachers and coaches.

Leadership potential is realised within team situations, and general social development is promoted. We also acknowledge the importance of a healthy lifestyle for those not interested in the competitive side of sport, and we work hard to promote an awareness of health, fitness and wellbeing in everyday life.

Our Physical Education Programme gives every girl an understanding and value of the importance of physical activity in her daily life. Our aim is that, upon leaving College, every girl will have achieved her sporting potential and achieved a positive outlook about her personal health and fitness.

As part of a multi-million pound redevelopment, College's new Health and Fitness Centre opened in 2018. In addition to our original sports hall and 25-metre pool, the new centre includes a second sports hall marked up for netball, indoor hockey, badminton, tennis, volleyball and basketball, as well as multi-purpose studios, squash courts, and a fitness suite. Lessons, matches and tournaments are hosted here.

Large playing fields are used as lacrosse pitches in the winter and an athletics track and rounders pitches in the summer. Two all-weather pitches are predominantly used for hockey and football, as well as a second sports hall. We also have rowing erg room and swimming pool. A specialist netball and tennis centre offers a professional environment for training and competition.

LC Programme

Girls have games afternoons which include hockey, netball, lacrosse, tennis, athletics and swimming. PE lessons also feature dance, gymnastics and trampolining. All PE lessons will incorporate a programme of physical literacy aimed at developing the individual performer.

UC Programme

Girls can specialise in one sport or follow several different activities. The optional GCSE PE course follows the AQA syllabus.

SFC Programme

Girls continue compulsory games lessons, which can be in a major sport or other activity. A Level Sports Studies is offered under the AQA syllabus.


Director of Sport and Physical Activity: Mr Will Parker

Miss Claire Johnson (Assistant Director of Sport (Participation)) 
Miss Kate Nimmo BSc (Assistant Director of Sport (Performance) and Head of Swimming)
Miss Ceri Tamplin BSc (Assistant Director of Sport (Engagement))
Miss Penny Thomas BSc (Head of Curriculum PE)
Mrs Lisa Birks BEd
Miss Martha Cornbrooks BA (Head of Lacrosse)
Ms Jane Davies (Rowing Coach)
Mrs Julie Edwards BSc (Head of Rowing)
Mr Matt Fairburn (Hockey Coach)
Mrs Rachel Guest BEd
Miss Vicki Hodgetts (Head of Tennis)
Ms Philippa Hill
Mrs Jo Hucker BSc
Mrs Karin Jones BA (Head of Netball)
Mrs Nicola Keller BSc
Mr Nick Lewis (Hockey Coach)
Mrs Caroline Mackenzie (Netball Coach)
Mrs Lucy McNulty BSc (Head of Hockey)
Mrs Fiona Najim
Miss Caroline Ralph BEd
Ms Kate Scott-Wilding (Head of Equestrian)
Ms Lynn Stirling (Rowing Coach)
Miss Lotte Sturgess (Rowing Coach)
Miss Katherine Wakeling BSc
Mrs Vickie Wilkinson BSc
Miss Amber Watson (Sports Graduate Assistant)
Miss Emily Wilton (Sports Graduate Assistant)

Outdoor Education

Head of Outdoor Education: Miss Faye Troth BSc ML SPA BCU Level III

Mr James Allison BA CWI BCU Level III
Mr Phil Read ML(T)