Exam Results

Our consistently excellent GCSE, A Level and International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme results represent a compelling testimony to the achievements of CLC pupils. We are delighted with our public examination results, reflecting the commitment, dedication and hard work of both the girls and the academic staff. For a full and accurate picture of the qualifications attained, please refer to the tables below.

However, academic excellence at College concerns much more than exam grades. We hope that each girl fulfils her potential in an inspiring, happy, supportive and caring environment. We provide our pupils with the skills and confidence to have a positive influence in the world, seeking to educate the whole person and also celebrating their achievements on a personal level and through co-curricular pursuits. We are delighted that a significant number go on to excel at university and secure employment in a great range of spheres.

Some years ago we took the decision not to participate in published league tables. Our view is that they do not represent the achievements of our pupils in a meaningful way, either through exclusion of IB and/or A Level results at Sixth Form, or through the exclusion of IGCSE results in core subjects which cause a ‘zero’ return for some of our results in the tables issued by the Department for Education. With A Level and GCSE reforms now in their transitional phase, league tables will become even more unreliable as a fair and accurate measure of the relative performance of schools.

In addition to offering the IB Diploma, each subject department at College selects the course (IGCSE or GCSE, A Level or Cambridge Pre-U) that they feel offers the most interesting and challenging content and the best preparation for further study in their subject at Post-16 or Higher Education.


A Level Results Summary and Subject Breakdown


IB Results Summary and Subject Breakdown


GCSE and IGCSE Results Summary and Subject Breakdown


2018 GCSE Grade Criteria

As a result of UK curriculum reforms, new GCSEs have been introduced along with a new grading scale from 9 (the highest grade) to 1. As new GCSEs are being introduced in different years for different subjects, pupils will receive a mixture of letter grades and number grades during this transitional phase.

The chart below explains how the 1-9 grading approximately relates to the existing A*-E scale.

A*-E Scale G F/E D C C/B B A A* >A*
GCSE Scale 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9

College is continuing to review all the curriculum reforms in great detail and each department will opt for a GCSE course which best suits the needs of our girls. The chosen course is designed to engage a girl’s intellectual curiosity and will be a good platform for further study into the sixth form.