Sixth Formers' Perspectives

"I’ve found that the lessons become more discursive in the Sixth Form and the teachers are more willing to allow independence and debate in the classroom."

"Whenever I've had a question, whether about universities, or just a question to do with my studies, there has always been someone there to help me, and a teacher who is very willing to give up their time for me. I honestly don't think I would have been so successful on my university offers, had it not been for all of the teachers who helped me through."

"Cheltenham is a lovely town to live in. It’s so clean and safe, with everything you could need in a town. To go to school in a town gives you more of a sense of freedom than in a countryside school, and sometimes it's nice to just wander round, to get a change of scene."

"As a new girl in SFC, I can't compare life in house to that of the junior houses, but I found settling in very easy, as everyone was so friendly, and willing to make new friends."