What our girls say

Whether discussing their busy daily routines, current goals or ambitions for the future, we believe our pupils are the best ambassadors for College. 

We've spoken to some of them, as well as a few teachers, Housemistresses and members of our leadership team, to capture their thoughts on some of the 'big questions', do a little myth-busting, and see what they had to say about day-to-day life at College.

Boarding or Day?

Whether you're a boarder or a day girl, College offers a lot of opportunities from trips and clubs to weekend activities.

All our pupils and parents choose the path that works for them, and we believe that our unique mix of day girls and boarders defines and enriches our community, giving all our girls the best of both worlds.

What type of girls flourish at College? 

We're not looking for a set type of student and we know that being sporty, artistic or outgoing will mean something different to each girl.

From our pupils to our teachers, we are all unique with different strengths, skills and passions. At College, we want everyone to have the opportunity and encouragement to try new activities that suit them, develop a love of learning, and feel self-confident in her choices. 

What is life at College like?

Before joining College, it's perfectly normal to sometimes feel both excited and a little apprehensive.

From taking on leading pastoral roles, such as becoming a 'Daisy' or a 'Cybird', to an inclusive and undeniable team spirit at House events, all our pupils are encouraged to help everyone settle in quickly and easily, and help each other to feel confident, get involved and make new friends. 

Where do the girls come from?

Girls come to College from more than 400 different primary and prep schools. They all enjoy learning from the diverse opinions and often inspirational experiences of their friends and peers, from across the UK and throughout the world. 

What do the the girls learn? 

With 20 different departments teaching an array of subjects and with clubs, activities and trips running every week, the academic curriculum and co-curricular opportunities are stimulating, challenging and varied.

However, we believe that a well-rounded education is not just about the lessons learnt in a classroom. 

What will the future bring? 

Many of our student are ambitious, talented and enthusiastic, meaning that there is no telling where their individual passion and dedication could take them.

While we can't know exactly where they're heading or predict the varied opportunities and challenges along the way, we can empower them with the knowledge, skills, resilience and self-confidence to pursue their inspirational goals.