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Ginny Smith Talk
28th September 2023

At CLC, we are keenly aware of the need to promote, support and protect students’ wellbeing, knowing this goes hand-in-hand with academic progress. Through our Wellbeing, PSHE (Personal, Social, Health and Economic) & Enrichment Programme, which runs alongside the whole teaching and learning curriculum for all students, we hope to bolster wellbeing and help students cultivate the skills and resilience to cope and thrive in the wider world.

Our first guest speaker, launching the Wellbeing Programme for the year was Cambridge Graduate, Ginny Smith from Braintastic Science. She is a neuroscience expert and science communicator, and she says of herself, “Basically I’m a storyteller - I love telling stories about science, and helping others to do the same, drawing out the interesting narratives behind the facts and figures.”

Ginny spoke first to students from LC3-SFC2 and thereafter to pupils in LC1 and LC2. Through her interactive ‘Mastering Memory’ presentation, she shared top memory tips and explored some of the psychology and neuroscience research that can help boost learning and revision skills. She also reiterated important ways we can keep our brains healthy and functioning well.

Ginny loves to share her passion for neuroscience with everyone. Her book, ‘Overloaded’, offers a light and entertaining view of the way that the chemicals in the brain affect and influence us. It was a New Scientist Book of the Year 2021. Ginny also co-wrote the bestselling 'How the Brain Works' for DK publishing, and is a regular blogger and video presenter for the Cosmic Shambles Network.

Ms Woodhead, Head of Lower College and Wellbeing & Personal Development Coordinator