Art workshop with Helen Kincaid

On Wednesday 1st March, artist Helen Kincaid visited our A Level Art group to give a workshop based on her photography and painting. We were required to ‘drink in’ as much information as we could from a film still from Hitchcock’s North by North West, which we could only see for two minutes, and then recreate as much of the details as possible.

There were a variety of different resources used from charcoal to paint, enabling each of us to create four completely unique pieces based on the freeze frame. Having always been taught to observe our objects and draw what we see in front of us, drawing from memory was definitely a big hurdle to overcome. It was extremely interesting to see everyone’s different interpretations of the image, as well as who remembered what and which shapes, tones or lines stood out the most to each girl.

Helen Kincaid Workshop 1

Helen made us question what attracts each of us, in our everyday artist research and observation, and why a certain colour combination or series of shapes stay in our mind more than others. She recommended us to channel these feelings and not compare our interpretation with others, but to commit to how we see the world and the objects we photograph, paint or draw, and ultimately to be yourself.

Helen also made us think of how ordinary, mundane scenes have the power to portray tension and drama through perspective. She enabled us to see these scenes, such as a busy desktop, as though full of life and character. I can now definitely look at everyday scenes with an open and artistic mind, and create vibrant pieces in response to them, thanks to this experience.

Arabella Lewis (SFC1)