Career Choices Talk by Jo Davies

For those at College who are still deciding about their future careers, the talk by Guild member Jo Davies in the PGC Library provided some excellent reassurance and promoted the importance of an open mind and transferable skills.

Jo Davies, Director at Davies Hickman Partners which provides market research and customer experience consultancy services, came to talk to us about how to make successful career choices, and about different industries and business models.

In her talk about transferable skills, it seemed to me that these specific skills, such as time management, communication, listening and leadership, are not difficult to obtain from daily activities like volunteering and clubs. The importance of these skills was stressed as they can be applied to many different careers.

During the one-hour talk, she urged us to consider the following factors: our achievements, strengths, passion, level of satisfaction and personality. What am I good at? Do I prefer to work at at a company where my ideas can be heard very early on during my career or at a company with a hierarchical structure?

Despite the fact that everybody’s career will be different, the case studies discussed were inspirational and showed that no matter what your areas of study, as long as you are passionate about your interests and are well-prepared by your experiences, opportunities will come along.

I think we would all agree that we have taken something valuable away from the talk, whether it is an alternative way of thinking or simply a better understanding of our career options.

Ivy Chen, UC5