Chemistry at Winchester College and Oxford University

The beginning of October was a busy time for SFC1 Chemists. 

On Sunday 2nd October, 30 SFC1 girls travelled to Winchester College for the first part of a joint research project. Students from both Colleges worked together on practical activities including testing for starch in bananas, analysing the phosphorous content of a sample by colourimetry and investigating electromagnets and fluid flow rates. After lunch in boarding houses, the collaborative research continued in preparation for presentations to be given at CLC in early November. Everyone found the day hugely enjoyable and we look forward to hearing the talks in a few weeks’ time. 

The following day, a group of four SFC1 girls visited the Inorganic Chemistry Laboratory at the University of Oxford for a two-hour session led by some of the Chemistry technicians. The girls participated in an experiment to measure the rate of catalytic decomposition of hydrogen peroxide, which was enjoyable as they got to use a range of new apparatus and techniques that we had never experienced before. However the final results did have to be adjusted due to Oxford's old labs, some of the oldest in the world, being a good 10 degrees colder than normal room temperature.

The rest of the morning was spent admiring some of the beautiful old college architecture and finding somewhere to eat our lunch, quite an achievement when you are not allowed to set foot in any of the Colleges' immaculate, green-lawned quadrangles.