Engineering Education Scheme and Women in Engineering

On Friday 1st July, SFC1 girls enjoyed a Celebration & Assessment Day for the Engineering Education Scheme. The scheme is run by the Engineering Development Trust (EDT) and this year CLC entered two teams.

The girls have been working with the engineer mentors since October on real-world projects and this culminated with a professional report and participation in the Celebration and Assessment Day at Rolls Royce, Bristol. The day involved the two teams presenting their findings from their projects to the assessors, as well as creating a stand to explain their project and fielding questions from engineers from a wide range of disciplines. The students performed very well and received positive and constructive feedback, which will certainly help them in preparing reports and presentations in the future.

Tofunmi Adeyemi, Crystal Cheung and Natalya Moore had been working on a new design for a bracket that forms part of an Airbus landing gear, working the Safran landing systems. They have not only considered the design itself, which they redesigned and drew using CAD before 3D printing, but also looked at alternative materials, to save weight and cost for the company. This involved testing the maximum stress of samples at the University of Plymouth Engineering labs, as well as carrying out corrosion testing in College.

Chinenye Emodi, Zimeng Wu and Hanna Yarash produced a concept, as well as sample test boards, for an electronic device that can detect whether a signal has been received or not. They have worked in conjunction with L3-TRL, who produce hardware for the military to block signals that could be used to detonate improvised explosives. The students had to develop a understanding of electronics before they could begin designing and building their own sensor circuits.

Through their project work the girls have all received awards from the EDT, Gold certification as Industrial Cadets and are awaiting their Gold Crest Awards.

On Wednesday 29th June, 12 girls from UC5 and SFC1 also visited the University of Bath for a Women in Engineering day. As well as talks from engineering alumni and staff on the different engineering disciplines and opportunities, the girls also visited several engineering departments. This involved designing a new board game for children within half an hour, including a prototype, before delivering a Dragons’ Den style pitch.

Mr Bayram, Physics Teacher