Glow Run 2017

On Sunday 5th March, girls at College took part in a Glow Run to raise money for the College charities, as well as for a student-led non-profit organisation GirlsforCS, which aims to help girls and women around the world to participate in computer science.

Below is a overview of the event from the Founder and CEO of GirlsforCS:

Colourful, vibrant and endlessly fun, the glow run not only aimed to raise funds for our College charities and GirlsforCS, but also to highlight how important it is to stand up for girls in STEM fields and show the world how crucial computer literacy is today. 

On Sunday evening, more than 200 girls, and staff arrived at Field to enjoy the food, music, and colour. The event was a huge success and we managed to raise £3,500 from sponsors and our baking team (Audrey, Mint, and Antonina).

We are very thankful for all the support we received from our housemistress Mrs Roca, College staff, parents and students, who not only helped with arrangements, but also set up food and lemonade stalls to help us raise more funds on the day. Without the support from our College community, we would not have been able to make our dream become a reality!

Trinity Donohugh (SFC1)