Government and Politics trip to Germany

For the first four days of the Easter holidays, a party of UC4 and UC5 girls and staff visited Berlin. As part of a packed programme, the girls looked at many aspects of Germany’s history, from the days of Empire to reunification.

The main focus was on the years of Weimar and Nazi Germany and on the Cold War. The girls took a walking tour of the city and visited many museums and memorials to those who suffered in Germany during these years. Some of what they saw was very harrowing, such as the Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp and the Stasi Museum, but some of it was uplifting and exciting, such as the restored Reichstag building, which is once again the parliament of a united and democratic Germany.

The girls agreed that the trip had made a significant difference to their understanding of their IGCSE History course.

Mrs Lancashire, Head of History, Government and Politics


Photo by Ying Ong (UC5)