IB French students’ cheese tasting

As the first term drew to a close, the IB French classes had the pleasure of spending a lesson dedicated to cheese-tasting.

As we have been studying the country’s culinary background and the importance of food as part of national identity, this was a perfect way to immerse ourselves in the culture.

We began with the softer cheeses, having been told that this is often the way it is done. A mild goats' cheese, followed by Brie, Camembert and Reblochon soon led us to the daunting Roquefort, with no shortage of mould on the surface to warn us of the strong taste.

However, it would not have been a full cheese tasting session without a running commentary throughout. After each cheese, we were asked what we thought of it. This required very specific cheese-related vocabulary, which we will no doubt be able to use when exams finally come our way.

It was a thoroughly enjoyable experience, with cups of grape juice in the absence of French wine!

Catalina Carret Aguero, SFC1