Jaguar Land Rover Trip

The trip to the Jaguar Land Rover EMC site in Wolverhampton was a phenomenal experience, which provided us all with an invaluable insight into the world of mechanical engineering.

Soon after arrival, stunned by the massive and expanding JLR estate and the state-of-the-art design that was consistent throughout all the buildings, we were given the opportunity to learn about parts of the engine by taking part in an interactive quiz. We were then allowed to put the different parts together in a virtual space, in an attempt to reconstruct an engine ourselves. While both of these tasks proved rather challenging, they were both extremely engaging and highly educational, allowing us to have a better understanding of some of the processes we saw later, during our tours of the manufacturing and assembly halls.

What struck me as most fascinating, however, were our conversations with some of the women in the company who talked to us about their roles in managing the production line, setting targets for efficiency and problem-solving. This showed us a completely new dimension to engineering and also gave us a true feeling for the breadth of job opportunities available within the field. At the end of the day, we were left with an increased awareness for the challenges associated with achieving top-rate mechanical engineering, as well as the various economic, social, environmental, safety and aesthetic considerations that need to be taken in to account in order to create a successful, competitive product.

Tofunmi Adeyemi, SFC1