Left-handed Drawing Workshop with Liz Lancashire

On Thursday 4th November, I attended an art scholars workshop with a local artist, Liz Lancashire. Liz Lancashire gave us a brief introduction to her style and some of her works were displayed around the studio.

During the workshop, we mainly did left-handed drawings correlating to the work we are doing for our art GCSE, which for me was portraiture. I drew overlapped left-handed drawings from photos and from my friends who were also in the workshop.

Towards the end, we started making 3D wire sculptures inspired by our drawings. Left-handed drawing was very enjoyable, as I had never done it before. Interestingly, it was quite hard to find a comfortable grip with my non-dominant hand. The technique was rougher and looser. I hope to include this technique in my sketchbook and incorporate it in my final piece for this project.

Sophie von Torklus, UC5