PGC Law Day 2016

At the end of June, the PGC hosted a Law Day for all SFC1 girls interested in Law, either as a University degree or as an eventual career. In the morning, we walked to the Cheltenham Magistrates’ Court, where we watched three cases that involved domestic violence, and we were also given a short introduction to the legal proceedings. This gave us a real insight into the judicial aspect of law.

On our return to College, we were thrilled to meet six guests working in Law who had kindly given up their time to spend the day with us. These were Guild members Sonia Fu, Gillian Abbotts and Eloise Emanuel and three members of Sewell Mullings Logie LLP Solicitors, Richard Mullings, Rachel Wooddisse and Abigail Perry. The guests gave us very helpful advice about careers in law, drawing on their own invaluable experiences.

I very much enjoyed the chance to chat informally over lunch with our guests before we got on to the hard work in the afternoon, which involved preparing presentations on the question of whether the UK and Wales should have a Good Samaritan Law. We had done some research in groups before the day, but the guests, who each joined a group of girls, really made us think more deeply and with a more informed legal mindset about the issues involved. They helped us strengthen our presentations and gave us advice on how to phrase our points.

At the end of the afternoon our presentations were judged by Mr Vivian Chapman QC, who asked some very tough questions to keep us on our toes throughout. Overall, this was a fascinating and fun experience for us all. We are so grateful to the legal experts who gave up their valuable time to share their experiences and expertise with us throughout the day.

Ahwal Mhajan, SFC2