Philosophy Society debate

On Thursday 10th November the Philosophy Society, run jointly with Cheltenham College, organised two debates which pitched the two schools against one another.

Madeleine Cooper and Syrie Nason, both SFC1 IB Philosophy students, were asked to propose the motion that screening should not be used with a view to eradicating Down’s Syndrome. Both students spoke confidently and defined the motion clearly. Syrie dealt with questions from the opposition in an erudite fashion and Madeleine was able to rebut several points in her usual assertive style. 

Tess Gudmundsson and Emily Arnott, also SFC1 IB Philosophy students, had to oppose the motion that there should be safe spaces and no platforming. Both students spoke with zeal and confidence and were able to tackle all the questions posed by the proposition with ease.

Former CLC teacher of History and Politics, Mr Scott-Baumann was the adjudicator, who commended all the speakers on both sides. In the end, Cheltenham College students prevailed in one debate and CLC in the other.

Mr Forward-Davies, Second in Religious Studies and Philosophy