Spanish trip to Cantabria 2017

If you want to enjoy nature, history, art and much more, Cantabria is for you. The girls studying Spanish for IGCSE spent a week in this beautiful area of Spain, staying in Santander and Comillas and travelling to beautiful places, such as the mountains and the Cabárceno Natural Park.


We were fortunate enough to be welcomed by the Torrevelo-Peñalabra school, where the girls met students of their own age and could work together on presentations, finding out more about each other and joining in games on a normal school day, while practising their Spanish. Cabárceno Natural Park was a favourite and everybody enjoyed seeing all the species and learning their Spanish names. We took a train to get into the caves of El Soplao and also visited the replica of the Altamira caves, with ancient paintings of bison and deer. In Comillas, the visit to 'El Capricho' by Gaudí introduced the girls to the genius of the Catalonian architect and we all enjoyed hearing the story of the house and its bohemian owner.

We flew to and from Bilbao in the Basque Country and this experience was an excellent opportunity to show students the variety of Spain, not only with regards to landscape but also to language and culture, learning more about Euskera and modern art in the Guggenheim Museum.

Spain is not just flamenco or Ibiza, but also high mountains like in Fuente De, quiet beaches like those in Comillas, holy places such as Santo Toribio de Liébana, and sleepy, medieval towns like Santillana del Mar. We hope that this trip has shown the girls many sides of Spain and that the experience has encouraged them to continue studying the language with a new and fresh perspective.

Miss Díaz, Spanish Teacher