The LAMDA Showcase 2017

This year’s showcase was an eclectic mix of modern drama, comic poetry and musical theatre. There were outstanding performances, with several SFC2 girls making their final appearances on the PAC stage.

Ruby Sowerbutts and Matilda Fawcett opened the evening with a lively comic scene set in New York, and the amusing contrast in their characterisation was highly effective. At the other end of the age range, Daisy Pasternak performed the opening speech from Daisy Pulls It Off in a role that could have been written especially for her.

Flora Leeper carried on the comic tone with her splendid rendition of John Betjeman’s poem Hunter Trials and, in another hilarious scene, Regina Agard-Braithwaite played an anxious pet owner in The Neighbour by Meredith Oakes. The moment at which she realised that her pet mouse had given birth was a particular treat.

In addition to the comedy, there were also several more serious pieces including Betsy Bell’s very powerful performance as Blanche in A Streetcar named Desire and Ella Downey in Kate Tempest’s gloomy view of current education in Wasted. Izzy Markham gave a highly focused and expressive performance in an adaptation of Anthony Minghella’s radio play Cigarettes and Chocolate, and Catherine Ogilvy, who has been studying the LAMDA Verse and Prose course, read from I’m the King of the Castle.

With so many girls in College taking extra drama lessons, this was necessarily just a snapshot of all of the work that has been going on, but does show the very high standards which are being achieved. Many thanks to Mrs Deacon-Jones for overseeing this year’s showcase.

Mr Smith, Director of Drama