Transition Band Night

On the evening of Saturday 1st October, the band Transition came to College and gave a fantastic performance.

The band used to live in Taiwan and for the first year they only could say 'hello', 'thank you' and 'delicious' in Chinese. However, they worked at the language and began to try to write songs in Chinese.  They also try to write their own story into the songs, for example one of them is about the difference between eastern and western culture and the misunderstandings that occur.

The one which had the biggest impression on me was “回来”.  It talked about what they learned while living in Taiwan for three years and then coming back to UK. It touched me, because I am studying abroad and often miss home.

This concert really encouraged me that we should fight for our dreams, no matter how many setbacks we have - never say never! We should trust ourselves and believe that 风雨之后总会有彩虹 (the rain will be followed by a rainbow).

Jenny Huang, LC3