On Wednesday 22nd May, I attended the Private View of this year’s Summer Art Exhibition, which included artwork produced by GCSE, A Level and IB students.

What first struck me about the GCSE exhibition was the exceptional standard of work; there were beautiful tonal drawings and paintings. One piece which particularly stood out to me was a chalk and charcoal drawing of an elderly woman which was very realistic but also quite emotive, by GCSE student Hannah. Much of the students’ work was adventurous, for example, Binia (UC5), created a wire sculpture of a skeleton and made a collection of morphed faces out of clay. These displays of creativity made the exhibition varied and interesting.

This diversity continued in the A Level and IB work, with an array of approaches, styles and techniques. There were some distinctly realistic works, as well some more expressive and experimental, all of which were of high quality. I was impressed to see how many cultures were represented through girls’ projects, which added a personal touch to the exhibition. My favourite project was a stunning study on leaves, which included an installation along with some detailed, intricate prints, made by Amy (SFC2).

I thought the exhibition showcased some exceptional artwork. From the use of colour, to the scale and the level of skill, all of the exhibition was impressive. It was clear how much thought and hard work had gone behind every piece on display. The Private View was an enjoyable evening, and the Art Department as well as all the girls should be commended for a wonderful exhibition.

Alice (SFC1 Art Scholar)