5 Star rating for CLC kitchens

Over the last couple of months all of the kitchens have had an extensive audit by Cheltenham EHO (Environmental Health Officer). The audit consists of the EHO visiting the kitchens and carrying out a thorough inspection on cleanliness, management systems, allergen information and the general management of the kitchens.

All of the kitchens received a 5 star rating, which is the highest rating that can be achieved. This is a great team achievement for everyone that works within the Catering Department, including:

Des Parker - Executive Chef, Karen Pearce - Head Chef at St Margaret’s, Lesley Mansfield - Head Chef at Bayshill, Tracey Sheen - Executive Sous Chef at Beale and Cambray, Erik Hmilansky - Head Chef at Glenlee, Sonia Miranda - Head Chef at Farnely, Rob Heath - Head Chef at Sidney Lodge, Pedro Cabrita - Senior Chef at Roderic, Jon Summerill - Head Chef at Elizabeth, Nick Bradbury - Second Chef at Beale and Cambray, Dave Holder - Head Chef at St Hilda’s and Jon Parsons - Head Chef at the Main College Site.

Other achievements within the Department include BTEC Level 2 Diploma qualifications in team leading achieved by Andrea Harrison, Lesley Mansfield, Amy Hardwell and Sonia Miranda, and NVQ Level 3 Professional Cookery achieved by Sarah Hodges, Sarah Hill, Peter Dolacky, and Tina Fitzsimmons. A number of staff are also currently working towards completing their NVQs in other kitchen-based qualifications.

Mrs Parker, Catering Services Manager