A Review of Twelfth Night

For the first time in its six-year history, the SFC1 Open Air Shakespeare production took place indoors, in the warm and dry surroundings of the PAC. However, the spirits of the cast of Twelfth Night were not in the least cast down by the change of venue, and this was a joyous and light-hearted production full of fun and romance.

Maya, for many years an enthusiastic member of the Tech Club, directed the cast of SFC1 girls. She also created the simple but striking composite setting, which featured two stripy deck chairs and arches covered with flowers. The simplicity of the set made the action of the play flow swiftly. Viola, played in a spirited manner by Esme, arrived onshore in Illyria resplendent in a salmon-coloured outfit, undamaged by her unfortunate shipwreck, and quickly ready for adventures in her disguise as a eunuch. Clearly, a girl who would do well in Gold DofE.

Omala gave an excellent performance as the lovesick Duke Orsino, while Celia made a wonderful counterpoint as Countess Olivia. Celia was subtle but clear in communicating the coup de foudre, which leads to her forgetting her mourning and lusting after the Duke's new serving boy.

Subtlety was not much in evidence with the raucous and rambunctious performances of Heidi (Sir Toby Belch), Flora (Sir Andrew Aguecheek) and Tallulah (Feste). These three actors made the most of the comedy, swigging from bottles and fighting with baguettes. Their object of derision, the vain and pompous Malvolio, was played with great distain by Jojo, while Naomi as Maria and Kina as Fabian also gave sparkling performances.

The director and cast deserve congratulations not only for their performances in the PAC, but also for the one open air performance that they were able to stage during a sunny afternoon at St Gregory’s Primary School, where the Year 4 and 5 pupils much enjoyed a simplified version of the script.

Mr M Smith, Director of Drama