'A Short History of Architecture': A Talk by Lisina Fingerhuth Leung

Mrs Lisina Fingerhuth Leung (a current parent) gave a fascinating talk about the development of architectural styles throughout history. She described some amazing projects and encouraged the girls to think about what might be the inspiration and motivation to create such masterpieces.

Lots of discussion took place about the future of architecture, and the girls were interested in how we might need to re-use what we already have, rather than manufacturing new building materials. The girls also talked about the role of engineers in creating new buildings, and how modern technology is constantly changing the traditional roles of architects and engineers alike. 

This was a wonderful opportunity for the girls to think creatively and outside the box, and we are grateful to Mrs Daudy (member of Guild and current parent) for organising this event as part of her Arts Society project here at College.

Mrs C Dobbs, Housemistress (Glenlee House) and Wellbeing Co-ordinator