Forum 42: Adam Dobby Talk

College was fortunate enough to welcome Adam Dobby to the Princess Hall on Friday 14th January, for a talk on his life and work as a former SAS member, and current war journalist and photographer.

Through his images, the audience had a window into the lives of women and girls caught in conflict zones. Whether Kurdish fighter, ISIS bride, or young girl clutching a ‘dream home’ toy in front of the rubble of her house, the photographs’ subjects inspired a wealth of emotion.

Mr Dobby told stories of his time in war zones such as Syria. He highlighted the importance of empathy as a photographer, considering where to draw the line in documenting the horrors of war, and wanted us to recognise the privileges we have in growing up with peace. Ultimately, in every photo, ideas sparked about the complexity of conflict, the beauty of human connection, and the importance of our shared humanity.

We look forward to seeing Mr Dobby return for the 'Three Humans on a Sofa' event towards the end of Spring Term.

Lana, SFC1 (Year 12)

A collection of Adam Dobby's black and white photographs are currently on display in the Marble Corridor, providing a window into the lives of women and girls in parts of the world torn apart by war. The 12 thought-provoking photographs are the inspiration for a competition open to pupils and staff who will be able to give titles for the photographs, and communicate what inspired their titles in a short piece of writing.

The winners will be announced at a Forum 42 Three Humans on a Sofa event in College on 31st March.