Arkwright Engineering Scholarships

Founded in 1991, the Arkwright Engineering Scholarships scheme is the most prestigious scholarship scheme of its kind in the UK. It aims to inspire and nurture school-age students to be the country's future leaders of the engineering profession.

The Scholarships are awarded to high-calibre 16-year-old students through a rigorous selection process, and support students through the two years of their Sixth Form studies.

Scholars receive £600 cash, an industrial mentor, the opportunity to network with other scholars and the chance to compete for an Arkwright Undergraduate Scholarship worth £12,000. Awards are presented in London at the IET (Institution of Engineering and Technology) in Savoy Place in the autumn.

As this is highly contested nationwide, it is rare for schools to get even one Arkwright Scholar per year. We are therefore absolutely delighted that two of our UC5 girls, Claire and Matilda, have secured Arkwright Scholarships this week, adding to the CLC 'Hall of Fame' in EET.

Ms E Jardine-Young, Principal