Art and Textiles Exhibition 2017

College's Art and Textiles Exhibition celebrates the girls' wonderful A level and GCSE coursework and exam pieces, as well as the outstanding work of the IB Visual Arts Exhibition component.

This exhibition included the following:

IB Visual Art Exhibition - As part of the IB Visual Arts course, students create and exhibit eight to 11 works of art. They work across different disciplines, showing visual and conceptual connections, working to a theme of their choice and curating their exhibition independently. This year's work explores themes of 'Identity' and 'Crowds'.

GCSE Externally Set Assignment - UC5 students responded to the theme of Beginning and / or End. Students had a 10-week preparatory period and a final 10-hour exam. There were a variety of ideas and responses and a wide range of materials and techniques used. 

GCSE Design and Technology Textiles - The girls devised their own project briefs to meet a specific need and in response to a theme; 'Natural Forms' or 'Designer Dressing'. They developed, constructed and evaluated their garments according to the criteria set out in their design specifications.

GCSE Coursework Studio - Based on the theme 'Wrapped, Contained and Restricted', students worked in sketchbooks, on larger scale pieces and on a final outcome, supported by in-depth research and analysis. They worked in a wide range of appropriate media, in order to explore their theme broadly.

AS and A Level Open Studios - SFC1 students' work is displayed in their individual studio spaces, from experimental pieces, drawings, and photographs, to more sustained and resolved pieces. These studios enable girls to work in their free time as well as in lessons. Their theme was 'Relics and Remains'.

A Level Coursework and Exam - A Level Art students write an illustrated essay and practical project on an art theme of their choice. Themes included how taxidermy is used in contemporary art, how contemporary installation artists use space, and an exploration of surreal and dreamlike imagery in 20th and early 21st century photography and film. The exam theme this year was 'Environment'. The girls had a 10-week preparatory period and a final 15-hour exam.

We are very proud of all the girls and their achievements in Art and Textiles. 

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