Art Scholars Workshop with Stephen Belinfante

On Wednesday 22nd November, LC3 and UC4 Art Scholars were treated to a workshop by local artist, Stephen Belinfante. Before the workshop we didn’t know much about his work, only that it is inspired by the Cornish landscape, so it was rather a shock to see him walk in with fluorescent abstract paintings and collages.

Our first task was to draw objects from photographs of Cornish scenery, and take inspiration from artists such as Ben Nicholson and Terry Frost, as well as from Stephen’s own work. We then had to switch our pieces and draw on somebody else’s work causing a combination of styles and interpretations. They were all so different, some more abstract and others with a focus on mark making.

The second task was to make a collage inspired from the same photographs. We stuck paper, parts of our pencil drawings and tissue paper onto a background and then used sterilising fluid to create patterns on our collages.

It was so interesting to leave behind our trained ways of drawing and painting to try a type of art that is so expressive and that is often overlooked. Stephen Belinfante kindly gave the Art Department a gift of one of his lovely collages. Thank you Stephen.

Florence Burt (UC4)