Author and Guild member Robin Stevens visits College

As I sat in the Princess Hall, listening to Robin Stevens’ Lower College Principal’s Lecture, I could not help thinking that she had once been sitting in my position, looking up at a Guild member who had become well-known.

I wondered whether Robin Stevens knew that she would touch millions of lives with her amazing stories and I thought about how anyone could succeed at what they enjoy if they try really hard; even a normal schoolgirl can be inspired to write a book.

‘Sometimes success looks a lot like failure’: this was Robin Stevens’ message. She told us all about her aspirations to become a crime writer, but how she experienced failures instead of achieving her dreams. One thing that I learnt from her talk is that if anyone knocks down my dream, I will just pick it back up and start again. Robin Stevens explained how people would criticise her work, but she would listen to the comments and work harder.

I’ve always wanted to be an author when I grow up, so after listening intently to Robin's speech, I feel inspired by a girl who has been where I am now; a girl with an inventive imagination, who cannot find enough time to let her creativity out.

If Robin ever gets to read this, I would like to thank her for coming to give such an inspirational speech, and for influencing me to write stories in my free time.

Yes, sometimes success does look a lot like failure, but I guess we can all try to make our failure look a little like success.

Isabella Collins (LC2)

Following Robin Stevens' lecture, our English Department ran a writing competition about the event. Isabella's write up was the winning entry and the article will be featured in the Newsletter and the College magazine.

Congratulations to Isabella and to all the girls who took part in the competition for their excellent entries.