Cheltenham Festival of Performing Arts

The Cheltenham Festival of Performing Arts provides a most valuable opportunity for students to share their work and develop their performance skills in a public and often challenging arena.

Now in its 93rd year, pupils are able to enter classes in many different aspects of music, and of Speech and Drama including poetry, prose reading and speaking, Bible Reading and Acting. This year saw over 100 entries by over 65 girls.

In the music classes, girls from LC1 to SFC1 participated in piano, singing, woodwind and string classes, receiving detailed feedback from specialist adjudicators. Our performers enjoy, and greatly benefit from, the opportunity to perform outside College and to hear some highly talented musicians from other schools in the area. A particular highlight this year was the inclusion of nine all-piano ensembles (in the form of duets and six-hands) which reflects the growing popularity of the College Piano Duet club and something of a recent renaissance in this kind of music-making. Girls won a total of 13 Bronze, 11 Silver and 10 Gold medals in music classes, and cups were won by Seo Bin – Oboe (UC4), Jasmine – Violin (LC3), Luisa - Piano (LC3), Kalilah and Kaitlyn – Piano (UC4).

In Speech and Drama, Valentina (UC5) entered the Public Speaking class and was awarded silver medal and 2nd place for a powerful and eloquently delivered speech on the topical subject of 'Privacy'.

Congratulations to all who took part.

Miss T Black, Speech & Drama Teacher, and Mr D Jones, Head of Keyboard