Chemistry Conference 2019

On Tuesday 26th February, CLC hosted its annual Sixth Form Chemistry Conference and Primary School Lecture.

Sixth form students from local schools enjoyed engaging talks from Tim Harrison and Bethan Donnelly from the University of Bristol, and a talk on the chemistry of volcanoes and mass extinction events delivered by the inspirational Professor Tamsin Mather from the University of Oxford. Professor Mather is the 2018 recipient of The Royal Society's Rosalind Franklin Award for her outstanding contribution to the promotion of women in STEM.

In the afternoon, CLC hosted 300 Year 5 pupils from primary schools across Cheltenham for an exciting lecture-demonstration from Tim Harrison. The exciting lecture explored the chemistry of the gases of the air, and involved exploding balloons, colour-changing 'urine' samples, a liquid nitrogen shower and plenty of flashes and bangs.

Both events were supported by the University of Bristol's ChemLabS and the Royal Society of Chemistry. Our thanks to all the presenters, organisers and enthusiastic participants.