CLC girls awarded places in the NYT

Founded in 1956, the National Youth Theatre (NYT) has built a reputation representing the best of British young talent and inspiring young people.

Their vision is to empower young people to take centre stage in their lives and each year, the National Youth Theatre holds acting auditions and technical theatre interviews around the United Kingdom, with over 4,500 applicants and around 500 places offered.

I was delighted that Regina Agard-Brathwaite, Helena Shilson and Gia Crane auditioned and have been awarded well-deserved places on the Acting course. Regina performed a monologue from The Neighbour by Meredith Oakes and Helena performed a monologue from St Joan by George Bernard Shaw. Briefly they share their experience below.

Miss Black, Teacher of Speech & Drama

Auditioning for NYT is both exciting and nerve-racking, although the Ambassadors made the whole experience so much easier. The morning consisted of fun drama games intended to get everyone warmed up and some of the games were quite silly, which helped with the nerves!

After lunch I had a one-on-one audition in which I performed a piece I had prepared. Although it is quite intimidating at first, it is really important that you show how enthusiastic you are about drama, especially in the chat you have afterwards. It is less like an interview and more like a conversation about what you like about drama and what you have done in the past. Overall, the day made me want to get accepted even more and I am extremely excited to join the NYT in the summer!

Regina Agard-Brathwaite (UC5)

I auditioned near to my home in Surrey, which was lovely as I ended up bumping into a few old friends from my prep school. When I arrived, I was greeted by the Ambassadors, who did their best to make it fun for us. The whole experience was very relaxed and we spent the whole morning doing group workshops. There were about 30 of us and we did a combination of paired and group work to improve our confidence and get us using the space.

The audition itself, however daunting, was extremely fun. I was asked to do my monologue in different ways and tell them about myself. I will now be attending a course for two weeks in the summer and I'm so excited to experience the NYT.

Helena Shilson (UC5)

During the Spring half term, I auditioned for the National Youth Theatre at Hamilton House in Bristol. I have wanted to audition for a few years, so naturally I was nervous but also very excited. The day was split into two sections - a group workshop and my individual audition. The workshop was a great way to meet and act with so many interesting people who have the same passion for drama that I have.

My individual audition, in which I performed a monologue from Shakespeare's Twelfth Night and was interviewed briefly, was not half as terrifying as I thought it would be! Overall, my NYT audition and experience was so much fun and I cannot wait for the course this summer.

Gia Crane (UC5)