CLC Law day 2017

On Tuesday 13th June, a group of SFC1 and UC5 girls participated in a Law workshop with leading UK Law firm Harrison Clark Rickerbys. We were also joined by a number of students from Balcarras School in Cheltenham.

This was our first taste of the world of law, as we experienced the different practice areas such as corporate law, employment law, will and probate, litigation and property law. Out of these, I found that corporate law interests me the most as it covers a broad spectrum, ranging from advising on company directors' rights and responsibilities to share issues.

Corporate lawyers advise on transactions and act for businesses of all sizes, ranging from international corporations to small start-ups. This is fascinating as you get to see the contrast between businesses and how applying the right legal knowledge is essential to these different situations.

In addition to exploring the different aspects of law, we had the useful opportunity to talk to the lawyers to gain an insight and understanding into why they chose their specified area and what they thought was helpful for future lawyers to understand.

My favorite part of the day was the Mock Trial. We were divided into two groups, claimant and defendant, on a contract breach case. In this case, the claimant bought a cooker from the defendant for the purpose of cookery demonstration; however the cooker caught on fire and damaged the claimant’s kitchen. We all had a fantastic experience of what being a lawyer is like and the fun of cross-examining witnesses while developing a coherent decision by analysing the facts.

For us, as aspiring lawyers, the Law day was very helpful as it gave us a good understanding of what to expect as we begin our journey to a career in Law.

By Elizabeth Chan (SFC1)