CLC Victory at MFL Debating Competition

As SFC2 MFL students, we have long been getting ready for the annual MFL Debating Competition with Mme Ferré-Dyèvre.

Having lost marginally last year, our after-school practice since the beginning of this year has been fuelled with exceptional energy.

In teams of three pairs (two for French and one for Spanish), we were ready to take up the challenge with pride and passion for the things we were representing: CLC and the languages we have always loved.

Our confidence was also boosted by the SFC1 audience who kindly offered to support us.

It was hard, in the beginning, to assert ourselves in front of our more forthright opponents. In the first round for French, Natalie and I drew with Dean Close School on the effect of Disney princesses on girls.

Although they were bent on one point, we were determined to learn from our opponents’ debating techniques. After this first practice, we rearranged our tactics and were able to maintain our composure and phrase our arguments precisely, even in the face of some dramatic gesticulation.

This led us to the final round, where we met Dean Close again.

Although they made some clear and convincing arguments, we were ultimately deemed the victors because of a more solid vocabulary base and wider variety of expressions.

Joy and Ellie also made the semi-finals. In the end however, the results seem to matter less than the skills we developed through this opportunity and the confidence to manipulate language spontaneously to convey ideas accurately.

Farren (SFC2)