CLC Welcome Programme 2017

After a long wait, the day had finally arrived to join CLC as a new Sixth Former. With trepidation, we arrived in picturesque Cheltenham and duly found St Hilda's, where a warm welcome from Mrs Roca, House Staff, Prefects and a beautifully handwritten note awaited us. After only seven days, I cannot say how happy and at home I feel, and I can’t believe that it has only been a week!

No doubt the carefully structured induction programme played a large part in my smooth transition to CLC. Best described as a layered cake, I was introduced to College in manageable, bite-size chunks. First was the boarders in my own House - a small group of us sharing the same worries. Next, we met the new girls from the other Sixth Form Houses for dinner at Nando’s - and who doesn’t like Nando’s? On Sunday, we met the rest of the SFC1 girls in our house - existing students who delighted in seeing their old friends but were equally welcoming and helpful to us new girls.

Upper Sixth began to arrive and on Monday evening we had a Welcome Dinner with the Principal for all SFC1 girls. Our tutor groups and classes completed the 'cake', enabling us to transcend the boundaries of the Sixth Form Houses. This was a great way to meet more girls.

Somehow we also managed to fit in a trip to the circus and cinema, shopping, medicals, tours of College, a BBQ, a number of informative talks, College Service, lessons and, in my case, even canoe capsize training! Perhaps most importantly, the inclusion of family over the first two days allowed a gentle weaning for parents and daughters alike.

Holly Bonwitt-Marsh (SFC1)

welcome programme