Creative Industries Networking Dinner

I walked into the Creative Industries Networking Dinner with no idea what job or career I want to pursue after leaving CLC. I walked out with the same uncertainty, but with an understanding that it is ok not to know how, what, where or when your life will unfold in the future. Having the opportunity to talk to and interact with professionals from different creative industries was valuable not only because I was able to acquaint myself with new professional opportunities, but because I discovered that not one person’s career path had been linear or conventional. 

I have grown up with the perception that a prestigious job depends on annual income and other benefits. This Networking Dinner highlighted to me that fulfilment in your career is more likely to be found by choosing a job you truly love and are passionate about. It was interesting to be exposed to a wider cross-section of opportunities that are potentially available; I talked to musicians, graphic designers and film producers. 

The rotating places meant that we had a unique opportunity to talk one-on-one with the guests. This was particularly helpful because it meant we could ask specific questions and really get to grips with their different professions.

Overall, this was a really valuable experience – thank you for organising it Mrs Mooney!

IMG 9695

Flora (SFC1)