Economics talk with Shanker Singham, Director of the ITCU

As part of the IEA’s International Trade and Competition Unit (ITCU), Shanker Singham has been providing key advice to the UK government, industry and media on the Brexit negotiations, and was discussed as the possible ‘brains behind Brexit’ in a recent Guardian article.

He delivered a fascinating talk to SFC Economists on the history of trade, including the 1947 GATT agreement and the formation of the WTO in the mid-1990’s, right through to current global trade issues, including the expanding US-China trade war and the state of Brexit negotiations.

He answered a range of questions posed by the students and suggested a quietly optimistic view about the UK’s economic future, hinting that the possibility of future deals with trade blocs such as the TPP give hope for a positive economic future post-Brexit. Overall, this was a very well received talk and certainly one which gave the students a rare and unique insight into the world of trade negotiations.

Mr Ratinckx, Economics Teacher