SFC End-of-Summer Festival

On Sunday 8th September, SFCs were treated to the End-of-Summer Festival at the HFC, which offered a relaxing end to the first week back.

We were blessed with glorious weather and were serenaded with live music that turned into rather enthusiastic open-mic karaoke!

Inflatable games kept everyone entertained, and the tasty international bowl food, ranging from classic American and Tex-Mex to Italian and Asian, won the hearts of the masses. The photo booth developed snaps to mark the occasion, many of which now adorn the bedrooms of the Sixth Form Houses.

The event was a great success, much enjoyed by all and resulting in much interaction between new and old pupils in all Houses. Thank you to everyone who took part.

end of bouncy 2

Miss Z Crockett, Deputy Housemistress Cambray and Teacher of Classics