Engineering Scholarships, Prizes and Awards

Congratulations to the 32 girls at College who have been awarded a national Engineering award, prize or scholarship this year.

National Arkwright Engineering Scholarships

An Arkwright Engineering Scholarship is the most prestigious scholarship of its type in the UK to inspire and nurture school-age students to be the country’s future leaders of the Engineering Profession. The Scholarships are awarded to high-calibre 16 year old students through a rigorous selection process and support students through the two years of their A levels, Scottish Advanced Highers or equivalent qualifications. Scholars receive £600 cash, an industrial mentor, the opportunity to network with other scholars and the chance to compete for an Arkwright Undergraduate Scholarship available exclusively to Arkwright Engineering scholars - worth £12,000.

With the uncertainty of the current economic climate, the number of industrial sponsors for this award has shrunk making the competition for this national award even tougher.

This year we are very proud that Lorna (UC5) has been awarded an Arkwright Scholarship.

Newnham Engineering Essay Prize - Winner and Highly Commended

Newnham College, Cambridge offers an annual prize for a submission on Engineering, intended to encourage students to think creatively about how some of the scientific knowledge gained at school may be applied in later life, in particular in industry, so as to improve matters (the aim of most engineers).

The prize also aims to recognise the achievements of high-calibre students and those who teach them, and also to encourage more girls to study Engineering at University. Each of the Newnham Essay Prizes has a first prize of £400, a second prize of £200 and a third prize of £100.

Congratulations to Eva (SFC1) who won the prize for her essay on ‘The Burj Kalifa, The Shard and Rivals’, and to Cindy (SFC1) who received a Highly Commended for her essay on ‘Rotary Sails and The Magnus Effect’.

Read Eva's review of her essay and the competition below.

Uncover Copper Competition – 2nd Place

Copper Development Association organises annual competitions for UK school children, encouraging them to explore the properties of copper that make it central to daily life, and a key component of the innovations that will shape our future.

Competitors design an A3 poster that answers the questions with a scientific focus, exploring the applications and the chemical, physical and mechanical properties behind its use. These are done across three categories; Building Services, Health and Medicine, and Renewable Energy and Transport. 

Congratulations to Ashley (LC3) who has been awarded Second Place in the 11-14 Renewable Energy and Transport category of the competition, winning £50 for herself and £250 for College.

Teentech Innovation Competition

The TeenTech Awards were established in 2012-13 to encourage students aged 11-18 to see how they might apply science and technology to real world problems. They encourage students to develop their own ideas for making life better, simpler, safer or more fun. There are 20 categories open for students to enter their innovations, each aimed at tackling key societal and environmental issues using the power of science, technology and engineering.

We are very proud of our 29 girls who won various Awards as the result of this competition and CLC has been awarded a ‘Centre of Innovation and Creativity’ (Silver).

Special congratulations to Jaymee (LC3) for her Energy Saving Standby Alarm, which won a Gold Award in the ‘Energy Category’. 

Our LC3 award winners were as follows:

Gold Award:

Silver Award:
Seraphina, Raygan, Khushi, Ellie, Amy, and Hailey.

Bronze Award:
Robyn, Nicole, Myra, Jessie, Maia, Maddy, Kate, Kalilah, Ola, Georgina, Tara, Ruka, Maddie, Imogen, Lily, Islay, Vivian, Ashley, Eloise, Lok, Bella, and Anastasia.

Dr Lim, Head of EET

Newnham College Engineering Essay Prize

For the Newnham College Engineering Essay Prize, I wrote a research essay on Burj Khalifa, the Shard, and the Rivals. The topic sounded very ambitious and very broad, yet it also allowed some flexibility in structuring the essay. My main focus was to look at skyscrapers from an engineer’s point of view.

The essay started with the description of the structure of skyscrapers, more specifically Burj Khalifa and the Shard, alongside a couple of others, some of which had truly unique features. This was followed by a discussion on how skyscrapers can be engineered to safely withstand potential disasters, caused either by nature or people, and what the future of the skyscrapers might be.

The more I read and researched around the topic, the more I found myself engaged. The complexity of the task of building a skyscraper made me appreciate the importance of safety and careful planning, and the degree of coordination and collaboration required between different engineering and technical teams to deliver such a project.

By entering the competition, I wanted to challenge myself with something that was new to me and to research an interesting yet important topic, though I have to admit that I am very pleased and honoured to have come first. It was a challenging, yet enjoyable and extremely rewarding experience.

Eva (SFC1)